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Vaccines and Your Respiratory Health

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VACCINES AND YOUR RESPIRATORY HEALTH INFORMATION LEAFLET People with Chronic respiratory disorders such as COPD emphysema bronchitis Asthma Pulmonary Fibrosis are more at risk of catching influenza pneumonia and Covid 19 all of which can become serious and a ect your breathing You can protect yourself from the above infections by getting vaccinated This is when small quantities of inactivated organisms which cause the flu pneumonia or Covid 19 are injected into the body This does not cause the infection but encourage your body s immune system to produce antibodies helping it to fight o infection or reduce its impact The Influenza Flu vaccine Influenza is a highly infectious disease so you need to have your flu vaccine every year September or October time is best Remember it will take 10 14 days for the vaccine to start protecting you against the flu

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What are the side e ects of the vaccine Common side e ects are mild After the flu vaccine you may get side e ects including soreness redness and swelling where the injection was given Headaches muscle pains and tiredness can also develop These side e ects may last for a few days Serious reactions are very rare A severe allergic reaction occurs in one in a million people The Pneumococcal Pneumovax vaccine This protects against infections such as pneumonia caused by a group of bacteria called Pneumococcal bacteria Like the flu vaccine this vaccine encourages your immune system to make antibodies Unlike the flu vaccine you do not need to get it every year If you are over 65 regardless of any underlying disease you need one dose of vaccine If you are under 65 most adults in risk groups which include chronic respiratory disorders require one dose of vaccine and another after they reach the age of 65 but there needs to be 5 years between the two vaccinations You can talk to us or your other healthcare providers about this What are the side e ects of the vaccine The pneumococcal vaccine can sometimes cause mild side e ects The most common side e ects are pain redness and swelling at the place where the injection was given Headache tiredness and muscle aches can

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sometimes happen The serious side e ect of a severe allergic reaction is very rare No other serious side e ects have been reported for the vaccine Covid 19 vaccine People with chronic respiratory disorders are at high risk of severe complications from Covid 19 infection Vaccination against Covid 19 in accordance with HSE guidelines is strongly recommended for all people living with chronic respiratory disorders

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What are the side e ects of the vaccine It s common to develop a fever temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or above after COVID 19 vaccination This usually happens within 48 hours of getting a vaccine Tenderness or swelling in your arm where you had the vaccine feeling tired headache muscle pain joint pain diarrhea chills nausea vomiting redness in your arm where you had the vaccine itchiness where the vaccine was given itchiness in general a rash swelling of the lymph glands more often seen after a booster dose sleeplessness excessive sweating night sweats decreased appetite lethargy asthenia lack of energy and malaise feeling unwell You can avail of the vaccines explained within this patient information leaflet from your GP or local pharmacies

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