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Trans-Urethral Resection of Prostate (TURP)

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BACK COVER FOLD FOLD PAGE 5 FRONT COVER Advice on Discharge Avoid heavy manual work and strenuous activity for six weeks You should not drive for two weeks after a TURP If you are taking painkillers check with your pharmacist if they restrict your ability to drive It is your responsibility to check with your insurance company that you are covered to drive after your surgery You should not fly for four weeks following your TURP If discharged with a catheter in place supplies are available from your local pharmacy passes back into the bladder and is subsequently passed in the urine This has no adverse effects on your general health TUPR is normally a trouble free operation However it can take time before normal urination is resumed It may take up to one year for some symptoms to settle UROLOGY It is advisable to drink extra fluids PATIENT INFORMATION ON TRANS URETHRAL RESECTION OF PROSTATE TURP Beacon Hospital Sandyford Dublin 18 D18 AK68 Reference BAUS 2017 https www baus org uk _userfiles pages files Patients Leaflets TURP 20for 20benign pdf Tel 01 293 6600 www beaconhospital ie PFE PILS 005 Version 2 2019 THIS IS MODERN MEDICINE FOLD You may resume sexual activity after 3 4 weeks A likely outcome of your surgery is retrograde ejaculation This means during ejaculation semen Urology Department Tel 01 293 6042 FOLD Follow up appointments will be organised prior to your discharge Usually you will come to the Urology Day Unit for follow up after 6 weeks

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PAGE 3 FOLD FOLD PAGE 2 PAGE 4 INTRODUCTION Trans urethral resection of prostate TURP is a commonly performed procedure which allows a Consultant to remove part of the prostate gland through the penis without the need for incisions This procedure has a very hight success rate and allows for excellent recovery The prostate is a gland found only in men It lies at the base of the bladder surrounding the urethra water passage It produces a thick white fluid called semen The prostate enlarges in the majority of men in middle age This can cause urinary symptoms In many cases the enlargement is benign but tests can be done to out rule cancer Your doctor will explain the procedure to you discuss any complications and ask you to sign a consent form There are two choices of anaesthesia available to you One is a general anaesthetic whereby you will be put to sleep The other is a spinal anaesthetic where local anaesthetic is placed around the spinal cord blocking sensation in your lower body The Operation How long will I be in hospital Once you have been anaesthetised the surgeon will insert the telescope through your urethra and view your prostate The central core of the prostate is bored out to allow the urine to pass more freely A catheter tube will be placed in your bladder to drain urine which will be blood stained You are usually admitted to hospital on the day of surgery The average length of stay is 3 5 days On admission into hospital please bring your medications and your nightwear dressing gown slippers toiletries and towels A TURP is not usually a painful operation but your nurse will give you pain relief as required Bladder A bag of irrigation fluid is connected to the catheter to facilitate free flow This irrigation will be titrated by your nurse with advice from your surgeon It is common for the tube to go red then clear and perhaps red again Enlarged Prostate Tissue Cavity Resectoscope You may start to drink fluids when fully awake and progress to diet once advised by your nurse During TURP Procedure beginning and end of urinating and after a bowel movement Frequency and urgency when passing urine can be experienced but these symptoms do improve with time The first morning after your surgery instruction on catheter care will be given to you by your nurse The catheter will be removed when the urine is clear Your pattern of passing urine will be monitored You may feel some discomfort on urination and may notice blood in your urine for up to six weeks This may be more obvious early in the morning at the Following removal of the catheter some men are unable to urinate This is rare but should it happen the doctor will reinsert the catheter Your surgeon may decide to discharge FOLD Preparation for TURP Immediately after the operation you will be transferred to the recovery room When you are stable and comfortable a nurse from your ward will collect you FOLD What is The Prostate After the Operation Urethra After TURP Procedure you with the catheter in place for a few weeks to allow healing to take place and the bladder to rest In this event you will be educated regarding catheter care and fitted with a smaller bag which is attached to your leg This is the appliance you will wear at home You will receive necessary support and advice until you are competent in caring for your catheter

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