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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

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PULMONARY REHABILITATION PATIENT INFORMATION LEAFLET What Is Pulmonary Rehabilitation Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a programme which helps to improve the wellbeing of people with chronic lung conditions or breathing problems It is comprised of two exercise classes per week Each week one of your exercise classes will be followed by an education session Each class will comprise of 1 hour of specially selected exercises These will be carried out in the style of a circuit class consisting of weight training and cardiovascular training All exercises will be carefully tailored to your individual level at any given time Throughout the programme you will be closely monitored by our physiotherapist to ensure you are achieving your goals of regular activity and healthy lifestyle The programme takes place in the Physiotherapy Gym suite 20 of the Orange Mall The programme is run twice a week for 6 weeks Cost The cost per person is 300 This covers all 12 sessions Private Health Insurance PHI may cover these costs depending on your policy Please contact your PHI provider to see if your policy will cover any of the cost Who Is The Programme Suitable For Anyone with a lung condition that causes breathlessness such as COPD Asthma Lung Fibrosis Bronchiectasis Why Should You Complete The Program Research shows after completing pulmonary rehab you may Have fewer symptoms eg less coughing or less shortness of breath Enjoy an improved quality of life Be able to walk more or improve your ability to exercise Feel better in yourself or feel less anxious Increase your energy making you feel less tired How To Access The Programme Your Respiratory Consultant lung doctor can refer you to the programme You will be assessed in person or on the phone prior to the class by one of our expert specialist physiotherapists

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Examples Of Exercises In Pulmonary Rehab Classes Please remember that all exercises will be adjusted to suit your needs Cardiovascular Exercise such as walking on a treadmill and or cycling on a static bike Upper Limb Strengthening Exercises 1 3 2 Lower Limb Strengthening Exercises 1 2 All classes will include a comprehensive warm up and cool down What Do I Need To Bring Water bottle Any medications you may need for exercise including oxygen inhalers etc Wear loose fitted comfortable clothing suitable for exercise like shorts and a t shirt Comfortable and exercise appropriate footwear such as securely fastened trainers runners What Will The Education Sessions Cover These sessions are provided by a specialist physiotherapist dietician respiratory nurse specialist and occupational therapist Topics Covered Include Getting to know your lungs anatomy of lungs and lung conditions How to recognise an exacerbation flare up and how to manage this yourself Managing shortness of breath Chest clearance techniques how to clear phlegm Healthy eating Relaxation strategies stress management strategies Understanding your medications and using inhalers properly

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10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 How Intense Will The Class Be As mentioned previously all exercises will be tailored to your level of fitness and ability Please inform us of any pre existing injuries when you begin In order to see improvements from the class it is important to exercise your lungs at the appropriate level We use breathlessness to determine this During the class we will ask you to grade how breathless you feel on a scale from 0 to 10 after each exercise During the exercise class we aim to have a breathless score between 3 and 5 0 Nothing at all to 10 Maximal Nothing at all Very slight Slight Moderate Somewhat Severe Severe Very Severe Very Very Severe Maximal What Can I Do Before Starting The Class Before beginning the class you can start a walking program at home Start walking for short 5 10min periods on the flat if possible Gradually progress this distance every week Logging how breathless you feel following each walk can help monitor improvements in your fitness Use the breathless score chart featured on the previous page to document this This exercise dairy can be also be used while you are completing the class

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Day Date Minutes of Breath continuous lessness Walking Score Day Date Minutes of Breath continuous lessness Walking Score

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Day Date Minutes of Breath continuous lessness Walking Score Where to find more information on lung conditions For video based education videos on pulmonary rehabilitation www hse ie Search for Video based Pulmonary Rehabilitation Education support Programme Other Websites For COPD www COPD ie For Lung Fibrosis www ILFA ie For Asthma www asthma ie For general Lung Conditions information www irishthoracicsociety ie www blf org uk Exercising with a medical condition www sielbleu ie Adviceline Numbers to speak to a physiotherapist or specialist nurse about your lung condition Asthma advice line phone 1800 445464 COPD advice line phone 1800 832146s

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