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Pain Relief at Home

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PAIN RELIEF AT HOME PATIENT INFORMATION LEAFLET What pain or soreness should I expect after discharge from hospital If you have had surgery your pain is expected to improve as healing takes place Certain activities may increase the pain you feel It is important that your pain is managed to allow you to complete your physiotherapy exercises and resume normal activities as quickly as is appropriate post surgery Being comfortable and active after leaving hospital prevents problems such as chest infections and blood clots in the legs or lungs What should happen before I go home Before leaving the hospital you may receive a prescription for painkillers Your nurse will explain your prescription to you and answer any questions you have Your painkillers can be collected from a pharmacy and you can start taking them as prescribed Over the counter painkillers such as Paracetamol and Ibuprofen may be sufficient for some people after surgery What should I do at home You are in charge of your pain management at home Your aim is to be reasonably comfortable and able to do any exercises recommended after discharge Take your regular painkillers as prescribed and top up with any as needed painkillers as prescribed Sometimes it is helpful to take as needed painkillers before activities such as physiotherapy or a shower or before going to bed in the evening

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Everyone is different and the strength of painkillers needed may differ Different people reduce painkillers at different rates also At first you may be prescribed a combination of milder and stronger painkillers This will then be reduced starting with the stronger ones You will also switch from taking regular painkillers to taking them only when you need to Relaxation apps breathing exercises and distraction can be helpful for managing your pain Drink plenty of water and aim to get plenty of sleep at night approximately 8 hours If your painkillers are not relieving your pain contact your GP or the hospital ward that you were discharged from Painkillers Administered on Day of Discharge Name Dose Time Next Dose Due

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