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Paediatric Pain Management After Surgery

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Contact Information Monday to Friday 7am 7pm Contact the Surgical Day Unit and ask to speak to a Paediatric Nurse 01 293 7588 Out of hours Contact the Nurse Supervisor 01 293 7535 Reference GOSH 2020 Pain management after day surgery available at https media gosh nhs uk documents pain_day_surgery_families_booklet pdf accessed on 29 01 21 Beacon Hospital Sandyford Dublin 18 D18 AK68 MANAGING YOUR CHILD S PAIN AFTER SURGERY PATIENT INFORMATION Tel 01 293 6600 www beaconhospital ie Version 2 2 2022 THIS IS MODERN MEDICINE

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MANAGING YOUR CHILD S PAIN AFTER SURGERY PATIENT INFORMATION It is normal after surgery for your child to experience some discomfort at the site of surgery This can be managed at home with regular pain medication Your child may also have a sore throat or headache this is common after surgery This pain is mild and should ease within 24 hours with plenty of fluid intake What can I do to make my child s pain better You should give your child regular pain relief for days After this time you should wean your child off the pain relief Do not stop abruptly as this may cause your child discomfort Distraction and play can also be very beneficial in pain management Toys games books etc can all help to relax your child and take their mind off the pain However if your child is complaining of severe pain please contact your GP or the Surgical Day Unit Administration There are two main types of pain medication suitable for children Paracetamol and Ibuprofen If your child is requiring both regularly Paracetamol should be given first thing in the morning and then alternated with doses of Ibuprofen throughout the day Ibuprofen can be given at the same time as Paracetamol if you feel it is required however you should avoid giving it on an empty stomach Important Information If your child has been prescribed any alternative pain medication please check with the nurse regarding administration of same Follow the medication manufacturer s instructions regarding dosage storage and monitoring for side effects adverse reactions MEDICATION INSTRUCTIONS Medicine Dose Next Due Paracetamol Calpol As per instructions on bottle packaging How Often Do not give more than 4 DOSES in 24 hours Give 4 6 hourly Ibuprofen Nurofen As per instructions on bottle packaging Do not give more than 3 DOSES in 24 hours Give 6 8 hourly MEDICATION FREQUENCY Medicine Paracetamol Calpol Ibuprofen Nurofen Early Morning After Breakfast Before Lunch After Lunch Before Dinner After Dinner Before Bed

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