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Electroencephalogram - EEG

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ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAM EEG PATIENT INFORMATION What Is It An electroencephalogram EEG is a test that measures electrical activity in the brain using small metal discs electrodes attached to the scalp You ll feel little or no discomfort during an EEG The electrodes don t transmit any sensations radiation etc they just record your brain waves Preparation Wash your hair the night before or the day of the test but don t use much product including conditioners hair creams sprays or styling gels Have your breakfast as normal avoid caffeine if possible Take your medications as you usually would unless otherwise advised by your doctor The test The physiologist first measures your head and marks your scalp with a special pencil to indicate where to attach the electrodes These spots on your scalp might be scrubbed with a gritty cream to improve the quality of the recording The physiologist attaches discs electrodes to your scalp using a special adhesive The electrodes are connected with wires to an instrument that amplifies the brain waves and records them on computer equipment Once the electrodes are in place an EEG typically takes approximately 30 minutes Testing for certain conditions requires you to sleep during the test In that case the test can be longer

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You relax in a comfortable position with your eyes closed during the test At various times the physiologist might ask you to open and close your eyes perform a few simple tasks like deep breathing for a few minutes or look at a flashing light Video is routinely recorded during the EEG Your body movements are captured by a video camera while the EEG records your brain waves This combined recording can help your doctor diagnose and treat your condition Consent will be obtained prior to the test starting After the test the electrodes will be removed and your hair will be cleaned however nothing compares to a shower bath at home Your hair will be sticky and messy afterwards so please bring a comb and hair tie etc You can carry on with your daily duties and or go to work as normal afterwards

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