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Beacon Hospital Fall Prevention

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Are You a Falls Risk Do you feel light headed or dizzy when you stand up As you stand up your blood pressure can drop this can cause you to feel dizzy and put you at risk of falling Are you taking multiple medications Some medications may increase your falls risk Be aware of this and follow the correct advice Are you unsteady when walking Gentle exercise can help improve your balance strengthen your muscles and decrease your falls risk Do you have difficulty reaching the toilet on time Rushing to the toilet can increase your risk of a fall Ask for assistance Do you have problems with your hearing or eyesight Being able to detect obstacles by seeing or listening in your environment will reduce your risk of falls A GUIDE TO FALL PREVENTION Do you have problems with your feet Foot problems such as calluses bunions and ingrown toenails can affect the way you walk and your balance Wear well fitting comfortable flat shoes Any numbness to feet Do you have any weakness in your legs Beacon Hospital Sandyford Dublin 18 D18 AK68 PATIENT INFORMATION Tel 01 293 6600 www beaconhospital ie Version 1 5 2021 THIS IS MODERN MEDICINE

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A GUIDE TO FALL PREVENTION PATIENT INFORMATION Falls Information Beacon Hospital has developed a a falls reduction programme to enhance your care while you are with us Special Measures Upon your admission you will be asked a number of questions to assess your falls risk This helps to determine if additional measures might be required Help Us Help You Use your call bell to ask for assistance with any transfers in out of bed on off toilet If you are deemed a fall risk do not attempt any transfer until you have been taught how to transfer safely and cleared by your nurse or physiotherapist to do so Use your call bell when the side rails of your bed are raised Wear runners or slippers with non skid soles Be sure that your personal items such as phone or glasses are within easy reach Check to make sure to put on your wheelchair brakes whenever you stop and before standing up Notify the staff of any spills hazards on the floor You may require more help than usual with toileting showering At times our staff will suggest they remain with you while you are in the bathroom Where appropriate place bedside commode up against the wall We understand the importance of privacy however during periods where you might be a little unsteady it is important that we provide assistance Install handrails along stairways and grab bars in the bathroom around baths showers and toilets Some Home Safety Tips Considerations Be aware of floor hazards or obstacles such as pets small objects or uneven surfaces Install illuminated tape on the edge of stairs and or leave a light on by stairways Store commonly used items within easy reach Measures to take at home to prevent accidental falls Never use a chair or other furniture to reach items on high shelves Rearrange furniture to make it easy to get around Avoid low soft seats if you have a problem standing from a seated position Using furniture with arms will make it easier to rise Cover slippery surfaces with carpets that are firmly anchored to the floor with no edges to trip over Area carpets should be fastened to the floor with double faced tape to prevent carpets from slipping and edges from curling up Remove all throw rugs Clean up spills immediately Provide good lighting throughout the house Leave a light on at night to show the way to the bathroom or use a bedside commode Use non slip adhesive or rubber mats in the bath Wear shoes that fit well with straps or laces and rubber soles with low heels Make sure all assistive walking equipment is in good working condition Rise slowly from a seated position Always remain standing for a few moments to get your balance before taking any steps

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