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BACK TO FITNESS PATIENT INFORMATION This leaflet contains information about your rehabilitation post Total Hip Replacement and Total or Partial Knee Replacement Back to Fitness Programmes At Beacon Hospital Orthopaedics nothing gives us greater satisfaction than helping our patients realise their full potential Our greatest reward is seeing the tremendous progress you make from when you arrive in the hospital to when you return to us as an outpatient For this reason we approach each and every orthopaedic patient with unmatched intensity during their rehabilitation journey The Back to Fitness Hip and Knee programmes are integral parts of this journey and provide you with the ultimate platform to bridge the gap between feeling like a patient to getting you back to your normal self The Programmes The Back to Fitness Hip and Knee programmes are specific to patients who have undergone joint replacement surgery These programmes are gym based and run by a specialist orthopaedic physiotherapist Each class is one hour in duration and they run over a six week course The participant numbers will be limited per class

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The programmes will be carried out in the physiotherapy gym and will consist of a circuit moving between eight and 10 exercise stations Each exercise station will focus on progressing strength range of movement mobility and functional ability Be reassured that the exercises will be tailored to suit your individual ability and the classes will be rolled out in a supportive encouraging and positive environment Benefits Of This Programme Our specialised orthopaedic physiotherapy team will follow you throughout your rehabilitation journey The physiotherapist will track your progress weekly and provide regular feedback to you and your consultant Group exercise sessions have been proven to be more successful than exercising alone after joint replacement surgery Group classes provide a positive environment with lots of motivation and support You will have access to the orthopaedic team for advice on any clinical issues you may have You will have access as appropriate to the occupational therapist for advice on home modifications

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When Should You Attend Patients who have had a total hip replacement are encouraged to attend from three weeks after surgery Patients who have had a total or partial knee replacement are encouraged to attend from one week after surgery

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Programme Enrolment If you are interested in attending our Back to Fitness programme please let your ward physiotherapist know or alternatively contact Physiotherapy reception on 01 293 6692 to book your place If you did not have your surgery in Beacon Hospital we will need a referral to our programme from your GP or Consultant Where Do The Back To Fitness Classes Take Place Back to Fitness classes take place in the Outpatient Physiotherapy Department in Suite 20 of Beacon Mall adjacent to the hospital Just follow the signs and the blue arrows from level 1 hospital exit doors Contact us Tel 01 293 6692 Email physiotherapy beaconhospital ie Cost of Classes Please note that payment must be made in full prior to commencement of the program Day of Classes Time of Classes What Should I Wear We would advise you to wear loose comfortable clothing e g long shorts tracksuit bottoms or loose three quarter length trousers It is important that you wear comfortable shoes which have a low heel Patients who have had a total hip replacement should wear shoes which can slip on and off easily

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